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Sponsored by Danville Area Community College
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This course of study introduces the student to:
- The use and handling of 35 mm as well as digital cameras
- A working knowledge of film and digital imaging
- The basic elements of a photograph
- An understanding of lighting, both natural and artificial (flash)
- Basic portrait lighting and posing
- Care, storage, and display of printed photographs as well as digital images.

Requirements: 35 mm camera & film and/or digital camera.

March 14 - May 2
6:00-8:00 p.m.
DACC Mall Office

This workshop is taught by photographer Leslie A. Woodrum. He has 30-plus years experience as a professional photographer and photographic artist. Woodrum's photographs have been published in countless publications and he has exhibited photos nationally, including photos displayed at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City and at the George Eastman House of International Photography in Rochester , NY .

To register - call the Corporate and Community Education Department of Danville Area Community College at
217-477-0603 - Or e-mail cce@dacc.edu

For questions about the class, contact Les Woodrum at lesw@woodrum-media.com

To see more examples of Les Woodrum's photographic work go to http://www.woodrum-media.com/photo

All Photos © by Leslie A. Woodrum All Rights Reserved


Class Outline

Week 1
History of Photography
Assignment bring three photos that you have taken that you like.

Powerpoint presentation from session 1

Week 2
Basic Camera Functions
Assignment photo showing stop action, maximum focus and blurred action

Powerpoint presentation from session 2

Week 3
Film, filters and digital imaging
Assignment Photo showing age or old, photo showing new or young

Powerpoint presentation from session 3

Week 4
Assignment photos showing use of 1/3's, photo showing small-large balance, photo showing repetition
Powerpoint presentation from session 4

Week 5
Assignment two photos showing light as the subject, take another photo showing texture
Powerpoint presentation from session 5

Week 6
Studio Lighting - camera accessories - Introduction to Photoshop
Assignment produce an environmental portrait, Take a photo (before and after) using fill flash
Handout from week 6

Week 7
Mounting and storage of images
Assignment Open photos, shoot and show three photos of any subject

Week 8
Intro to black and white photography, color processing and digital printing options

Attendance 10 points per week = 80 points
Class participation 5 points per week = 40 points
Class assignments, completion of assignments (20 photos) 5 points per photos = 220 points

Total points 220

220-198 = A
197-175 = B
174-152 = C
151-129 = D
>128 = F

Les & Dallas Woodrum
1619 N. Bowman Ave.
Danville, IL 61832
Phone: 217-443-4403

E-mail at - info@woodrum-media.com