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Educational and School Enrichment Programs:

We offer a number of different programs that can be used in conjunction with your educational goals to give your students knowledge in many different art and communications skills. Many of these programs could be funded by "Artist in Residence" grants that may be available. Our current offerings include:

Food and Dress
Native Americans

Target Grades: 3rd - 5th grades

The Food and Dress of Native Americans program is a hands-on demonstration that includes the construction of an actual teepee, an outdoor cooking demonstration and a display and discussion of reproductions of 1870's -80's Sioux clothing.

This demonstration is for outdoors presentation. This program complements your Native American educational lessons. The Teepee construction section presents a real life geometry lesson in a way this age group can understand.

This program can also be edited to not include the teepee so it could be done indoors in a classroom setting.

State Goals for Learning, areas addressed: History, Social Sciences, Mathematics


Fun With Photography

Target Grades: 5th - 8th Grades

  • Camera Adventures teaches basic camera function to students. The class wraps up with a photo session that the students learn such techniques like trick photography, panoramic shots, and exercises to show the different effects of lighting.
  • Pin-Hole Camera teaches the basics of photography through the construction of a workable camera from ordinary household supplies. The lessons also teach basic concepts in photo film processing and printing.
  • Darkroom Techniques teaches youth proper procedures in processing and printing actual black and white photographic film.

All of these classes are geared towards a small class size. Enrollment is limited to six youth per class. The student and/or the school must purchase some supplies. This makes an excellent after-school program for youth.

State Goals for Learning, areas addressed: Mathematics, Physical Science, Fine Arts


Computer Technology Programs

One of our most popular series of workshops we offer are our computer technology workshops. There are three workshops offered that can be geared either towards students, staff or the public. We offer basic and advanced web page design workshops and a workshop in PowerPoint.

Basic Computer Web Page Workshop

In this workshop, participants will learn basic computer knowledge and discover how easy it is to produce a web page. Participants learn how to set up a web, make links to other pages and web sites, insert graphics, tables, backgrounds and e-mail links. This workshop is taught using basic Netscape Communicator™ (4.01 or greater) software. If the computers do not have this program, downloads and updates are available at no charge from the Netscape web site. Our staff can also come in and load your computers with the needed software directly from a C.D.

Dreamweaver Web Page Workshop

This workshop expands the participant's skills in computer web page design. This workshop explores the construction of web pages using the Dreamweaver web page design program. Besides learning basic web page construction techniques, participants will be taught how to utilize all of the powerful tools FrontPage has to offer. The class covers file management, the use of templates, creating forms, making frame pages and adding sound and special effects. Participants are taught how to use many of the creative components that this program has to offer.

PowerPoint Presentations Workshop

Slide projectors and one-color transparencies may soon go become extinct. We offer a workshop on the use of MicroSoft PowerPoint presentation software. This class will teach basic presentation construction. It will also teach how to effectively use graphics, templates and sound effects to make the audience appreciate your presentation. Finally, the workshop will review the different ways that presentations can be saved on disks and used on computers with or without PowerPoint installed on the computer.

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