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For current photo and visual imaging classes at Danville Area Community College, go to this page.

Training Programs:

At Woodrum Multimedia, not only can we produce the communications tools you need, we can also train your staff how to use many of the programs and cummunications tools currently available. We currently have curriculium written for the following areas:

  • Digital Photography
  • Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Web Page Construction
  • Dreamweaver
  • Flash
  • Powerpoint Presentations
  • The use of PhotoShop

Our Standard Classes are listed below. Any of these classes will be customized so that we teach your staff exactly what they need from any of these programs.

Basic Computer Web Page Workshop

In this workshop, participants will learn basic computer knowledge and discover how easy it is to produce a web page. Participants learn how to set up a web, make links to other pages and web sites, insert graphics, tables, backgrounds and e-mail links. This workshop is taught using basic Netscape Communicator™ (4.01 or greater) software. If the computers do not have this program, downloads and updates are available at no charge from the Netscape web site. Our staff can also come in and load your computers with the needed software directly from a C.D.


PowerPoint Presentations Workshop

Slide projectors and one-color transparencies may soon go become extinct. We offer a workshop on the use of MicroSoft PowerPoint presentation software. This class will teach basic presentation construction. It will also teach how to effectively use graphics, templates and sound effects to make the audience appreciate your presentation. Finally, the workshop will review the different ways that presentations can be saved on disks and used on computers with or without PowerPoint installed on the computer.


Advanced Classes Also Include:


Macromedia's "Dreamweaver" has almost become the industry standard as an HTML editing tool. We can train your staff how to use this powerful tool to create or update your web site.


Macromedia Flash

Create animations and special effects that can be used in your web site. Staff at Woodrum-Media has been trained by Macromedia to teach you this powerful web program


From basic image correction to pre-press preparation, we can teach your staff how to fully utilize Adobe's PhotoShop program. This program is customized to exactly fit the needs of the participants.

Digital Photography

Learn about digital photography specifications, how to manipulate images, file management and basic photo inhancement.

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