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Dick Van Dyke's visit to Danville High School :

Documenting Dick Van Dyke's recent visit to his hometown of Danville has been one of my most memorable photo assignments. I (Les Woodrum - DHS Class of '76) began my photo career under the watchful eye of Miss Watkins as photo editor for the DHS Medley in 1975. I followed the footsteps of my father who was photo editor for the 1943 DHS Medley and had documented many of Mr.Van Dyke's activities during their high school days.

Below are links to four photo galleries documenting Dick Van Dyke's visit to Danville - April 29 - May 1, 2004. These galleries contain low res 350 x 233 images you may view. For information about purchasing high res 3072 x 2048 image collections on CD, see form below.

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Dick Van Dyke's visit:

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Posed photos during the weekend were taken on traditional photographic film that will be suitable for enlargements of almost any size. To preview these photos, follow this link to the photos from film. Numerous other photos besides those posted were taken on film. To view all photos, please contact Les Woodrum at 443-4403.

To order photos from the traditional film shots, you must call Les Woodrum at 443-4403 to place order. Reprints from film photos (except cast photo) are priced as follows:

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A CD of any or all of the galleries of digital images may be purchased from Les Woodrum. An individal CD of high res images of any of the above galleries can be ordered for the price of $35.00 per gallery. A custom burned CD with 10 images that you choose also costs $30.00. A CD set of high res images of all four galleries can be purchased for $100.00. All orders must be pre-paid. Finished CD's will be available for delivery within 24 hours of receipt of payment of your order. To request CD's on-line, please sublit the following form.

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